Landers Superstore Gasoline Sale

Yesterday, i dropped by at the Landers Superstore* in Balintawak to do my groceries.

I noticed, as i was walking out to the car, that the Caltex station inside the Landers Superstore compound had an ongoing fuel sale for its members — 3php off per liter for diesel; 5php off per liter for Silver gasoline; and 8php per liter for Platinum gasoline.  I decided to fill my car up with 20 liters of the Platinum variant, giving me a total savings of 160php. Not bad. 

Management did a good job in organizing all the patrons that went there to take advantage of their fuel sale. The cars were all lined up properly, and it  took less than 10 minutes for me to have my car attended to and filled up.  Thank you Landers!
Sale started yesterday and ends on October 28. They are open 7am to 10pm. 

*Landers Superstore is a membership shopping superstore, similar to S&R and Costco. They currently have two branches: Balintawak; and Otis. 


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