Tempura at the Trinity Restaurant in Seaside Macapagal

I attended a travel fair at The World Trade Center in Pasay last Saturday. I got out around 6pm, and called a friend who lives nearby to see if he and his wife would want to have dinner with me anywhere near the area. He said he was craving for some shrimp tempura, and was thinking of having some at the Dampa in Seaside Macapagal. Always had loved the place, and since I havent been there for quite some time, i immediately agreed.

The Dampa in Seaside Macapagal is located along Macapagal Avenue, just a few hundred meters near the World Trade Center and Culture Center Of the Philippines (CCP) complex. Similar to the other Dampas in the Metro, it has the wet market located in the middle, and numerous restaurants located around it. The market is filled with plenty of fresh meat, seafood,vegetables and fruits. One buys whatever one wants from the market and brings them to any of the numerous restaurants to have their purchases cooked to their liking. There is also the option of just ordering whatever cooked food you want from the restaurant, and just let them buy the ingredients themselves. Personally, i prefer going to the market myself. That way, i get to choose the freshest ones i can find. One can save some money as well, if one knows how to haggle.

We ended up buying 1kilo of shrimp suahe ( P550.00 per kilo ), 1 kilo pork belly (P220.00 per kilo ), 1 kilo oysters (80.00 per kilo), 1 kilo halaan clams (120.00 per kilo) and 1/2 kilo lato seaweed (sometimes called sea grapes). We had the shrimp made into tempura, the pork belly grilled, the oysters steamed, the clams cooked in ginger broth, and the seaweed into seaweed salad at the Trinity Restaurant. We also ordered steamed rice and 1.5 liter Mountain Dew to accompany our meal. 

When the food came out, we realized it was just too much for us three. It could have fed a party of 6! Most importantly, the food was so good. At the end of the night, our stomachs were full and our cravings satisfied. Plus therewere still plenty of food left to bring home to eat for the next day! Trinity, once again, delivered. The P1,020.oo cooking charge (including drinks and (good for 5 persons) steamed rice) were so worth it. 

Craving for tempura as i post this 😜


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