Amazing Race Asia 

I have been following the latest season of The Amazing Race Asia. Currently, only 6 teams remain. Of thr six remaining teams, 2 come  from The Philippines. 

The Philippines has consistly fielded very strong teams in each and every season of The Amazing Race Asia.  Teams from the Philippines were always tagged as the favorites to finish first in their respective The Amazing Race Asia seasons. I  distintly remember how dominant Rovilson Fernandez and Marc Nelson was in the maiden season of the Amazing Race Asia. They practically finished first in all the legs except, unfortunately,  the last and final leg. There was also the team of Rich and Rich.Thes were consistently finishing in the top 3 of each leg on their way to winning the Amazing Race Asia that year. The two teams competiting from the Philippines this season are no exception. Both have shown that they are a force to reckon with.

Married Couple Eric and Rona, and Beauty Queens Parul and Maggie may not have finished first in any of the legs so far, but  bith have shown amazing composure and consistency to never had been in danger of getting eliminated as well. They also seem to keep getting better and better as the race goes on. I believe that both teams are capable of winning this year’s Amazing Race Asia.

Good luck Eric and Rona! Good luck Parul and Maggie! In my eyes, you are all already  winners. I love the character and attitude you show in this competition. You have represented our country so well. Mabuhay!

Go Philippines!


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