Blessed with Wonderful In-laws.

I thank God for blessing me with wonderful in-laws.  My mother-in-law is so much just like my mom — selfless and caring. She always puts family, me included, before herself. My father-in-law is so different in personality to my own dad, but is as wonderful and as fun. He really treats me like his own son. My brothers and sisters in-laws are all wonderful and great as well. To say i married well is an understatement.

Stories about monster  in-laws abound, and the thought of having one did scare me. I am indeed thankful that my experiences were just of  the exact opposite. My parents-in-law are amazing, and not the over-bearing type one commonly hears. Even when my wife and i were just boyfriend-girlfriend, they were always mindful and respectful of our privacy and our person.  They became even moreso when we got married. They are always conscious not to interfere in our affairs, not even in the simplest of decisions or issues. From time to time, they do share their thoughts, but  meddle was something they never did. 

Eversince i got to know my wife’s family, i have felt nothing but acceptance and love. All of them – Papa T, Mama C, brothers, sisters, and even aunts, uncles, cousins – have accepted me as one of their own. My wife and I had been together for more than decade, and none of that has changed. I feel the love to this day. 

God has blessed me with a wonderful family — My mom, dad, sister and brother, nieces and nephew are the best. Not content, He gave me a wonderful (additional) new family — my beloved in-laws. What more can i ask? My heart is full!

Thank you my in-laws! Thank you God!


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