Dimsum at DingDim 1968 in Hongkong

The wife and I spent a few days in Hong Kong last September. Just like most visitors to Hong Kong, we were there for Hongkong Disneyland, shopping and of course, dimsum!!!

 On our last night in Hong Kong, we stumbled into DingDim 1968 at the Lan Kwai Fong area in Central. 

Chicken and Mushroom Rice

Har Gow

Squid Curry

Braised Pork Spareribs

Baked Pork Bun

Siu Mai with Crab Roe

Siu Mai with Black Truffle

Turnip Cake

I am so glad we found Dingdim 1968.  Dingdim 1968, for me, was the best dimsum place we ate at during the entire trip. The food was so good. This trip, Dingdim 1968’s dimsum beats Tim Ho Wan and Din Tai Fung (Note: The wife thinks that Dimsum Square’s turnip cake beats Dingdim 1968’s. If the wife says it is, of course it is 😀 ). Price was reasonable as well.  We spent less than 250HKD for everything pictured above plus a can of soda. I also love we were able to take our time to eat and talk in relative peace at Dingdim 1968. Some restaurants in Hong Kong do  give that vibe that you need to eat and get out of their place fast. 

Hong Kong was the last stop in our month-long travel vacation. Dimsum at Dingdim 1968 was the perfect ending to an awesome travel adventure with the wife. 


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